KHALIS RASHAAD is an accounting and finance professional residing in Houston, Texas. He is the owner of Rashaad & Associates. Rashaad & Associates is a boutique accounting and financial management firm providing tax planning, compliance, financial planning and ancillary services for businesses and their owners. His specialization is in accounting and taxation of closely held pass through entities (LLCs, partnerships, S Corporations), non profits and individuals with complex tax and finance issues. Khalis also designs group seminars, workshops and training sessions around finance, tax and business matters.

Khalis is also a faith clergy member. He is the resident imam of Ibrahim Islamic Center. Ibrahim Islamic center is a community that cultivates American Muslim expression in central Houston. Khalis has studied Qur’anic exegesis, theology, arabic and Islamic jurisprudence under the tutelage of several teachers and scholars. Khalis’ teaching style focuses on empowering others to engage the Islamic tradition and apply it in their lives in a practical way.

Khalis maintains an active role in community outreach. He works on several initiatives assisting married couples, at risk youth and ex- offenders. He often leads the Friday talks and conducts classes and workshops on Islam, the social sciences, finance and entrepreneurship.

Khalis sits on several non- profit and civic boards. As an accomplished speaker, trainer and counselor, he keeps a robust schedule sharing his insights on both a local and national level.